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Tour packages

Clifftophike with rappelling and lunch

An exciting trip in the coastal landscape of Øygarden. We invite guests to climb the cliffs, explore the gorges and enjoy the view of the sea in the horizon. If the weather allows it, we light a bonfire and enjoy a wilderness lunch. If not, there will still be hot drinks and a light meal along the way.  The rappell can be made both short and long, it depends on what the guests want there and then. Of course, we encourage them to get some adrenaline, but safety is always the main focus. This trip has neither upper nor lower age limit. We adapt the program to age, ability and desire. And to the weather of course;)


Tour packages

Kayaking and fishing from land

We paddle in the costal areas. If the weather and the waves allow it - we take a trip further west in the sea


When we are done, we take out the fishing rods and seek the happiness of fishing from the rock by the sea. The guide lights a fire and prepares for lunch. Maybe you want to taste your own catch? Not much can compare to fresh grilled fish with a little spice and a lot of pride. The trip can also be adapted to all levels and wishes, but we have a lower age limit of 10 years for kayaking. It is possible to choose this trip without the kayak. Then we spend more time fishing, and climbing or do a nice hike instead. This trip includes a light lunch (guaranteed food even if you were so unlucky not to catch a fish)


Tour packages

Crab fishing from land

We invite our guests to fish crab by traps set the day before. We take the crabs out of the traps and cook them on site. If the traps are empty, we have a secret stock we can take from so that guests may still enjoy freshly cooked crab by the sea. While the crabs are cooking and are being cooled, we encourage the guest to do some fishing or we show them a nice hike they can do. Or the guests just want to be on site and relax.
We will figure it out :)

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