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Clifftophike with rappelling and lunch

An exciting trip in the coastal landscape of Øygarden.


Guests arrive by car or boat. We have a short chat about expectations and safety before we start. The hike is not long, and we take our time. During the walk we include stops to take pictures, for storytelling and to get a cup of something hot on the way.

The rocks in the area are primordial and consist of gneiss and granite. A hard and solid type of rock that has survived wear and tear from sea and ice for millions of years. This creates excellent conditions for climbing, bouldering and abseiling.

We move along the cliffs by climbing and walking combined, and if the conditions allows it - we climb down a fun gorge.


The rappel can be made both short and long, it depends on what the guests feel like then and there. We encourage them to challenge themselves, but safety is always in focus.

We can also go for a walk on top of the cliffs, which does not involve climbing.


Food and drink are included in the package and can be customized as desired.

This tour has neither an upper nor a lower age limit. We adapt the program to age, ability and desire. And to the weather of course.

The trip takes about 4 hours.

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