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What to expect 

With deep fjords, high mountains and open sea, it is easy to understand why so many aim west  when they travel to Norway. If you add the charming atmosphere in the city of Bergen and the many villages with a history dating back to the Viking Age, you will find something for everyone. Western Norway is filled with contrasts and exciting places to visit.

Øygarden is an island community west of Bergen city. This is our main area, and also where we live. 



We have a lot of it.  Rain and wind, often combined. And it changes quickly. A gray day can end in an incredible sunset!

The weather is not an obstacle, but you do yourself a favor by checking the weather forecast and then dressing according to the conditions. There is something wonderful to experience in all types of weather, it's about being flexible and adapting the activity. We have prepared a packing list for our guests, which can be used or forwarded. You can find it here.


A good meal can make a great day even better! When traveling to Norway, you can expect to be served a mix of traditional food and meals influenced by international trends. We, who works with guiding for Klyva were born and raised by the sea and thus have a natural tendency to serve seafood. We are concerned with environmentally friendly food production and a healthy diet. Otherwise, you can get what your palate pleases in Bergen city, there is a wide range of restaurants in the city centre. Don't be afraid to taste what you get, it's generally tasty and based on healthy foods.



Traveling to Øygarden, you can join in various activities. You get the best start if you arrive by boat, as they traveled in the old days. If it is of interest, we have partners that offers transfers with different boats.

You can kayak, fish, pull crab stones, climb or abseil, meditate on the cliffs, go for short or long walks, swim, cycle, do stand up paddling or try coastering! The area encourages activity and we will help make it an exciting day for you or your guests!


We can almost guarantee that you will experience different emotions during your stay. It may be that you challenge yourself in a high rappel and feel mastery as you move down the mountain side, it may be the joy of tasting home-made baked goods, the shock of the healthy, fresh temperature in the North Sea when you dive in, or the pride of having done a challenging walk. Perhaps you will be overwhelmed by a magical sunset or you feel calm from lying quietly on the rock and hearing the waves hit the cliffs. Far from the city and internet reception. Be prepared, you won't regret it.

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