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About us

Our vision is to give our guests peace of mind, be excited and to feel joy. By inviting people out into nature, we create possibilities for fresh air, physical activity and good conversations. We offer activities for people of all ages and at different levels. From challenging high abseils and kayaking in rough seas to quiet walks and bonfires in accessible terrain.

We focus on a good atmosphere and a sense of mastery in nature within safe conditions. All tours have included breaks with food and drink.


Klyva aims to create unique memories


We have experience with private tours for international clients, and know the requirements that underlie a successful experience at a high level. Our guides communicate in fluent English and are both safe and independent. The experiences don't have to be limited to Bergen, we have acquaintances and contacts all over western Norway.

Klyva is based in Øygarden, west of Bergen. It is thus the coast and the sea that are our nearest playground, but we are also very happy to guide at all the mountains and in the fjords that are available in our region.

Meet the team



One of the people who started Klyva in 2008. He is a teacher by profession but a mountaineer at heart. Cato has been involved in various activities in nature since he was a small boy. Snowboarding, paddling, rafting, hunting and fishing. He is well on his way to completing his dream of the 7summits (the highest mountain on every continent in the world) and actually only has Mt Everest left.


He is with Klyva as a guide and is a goldmine when it comes to telling local stories and anecdotes. He is also very good at real local knowledge and history. Cato is a climbing instructor and paddling instructor. He offers courses in both.



Malin is the owner and general manager of Klyva. Since 2020, she has worked full-time as a guide for tourists. She has guided in Øygarden and also has experience as an activity coordinator for trips elsewhere in Western Norway.

Most of the assignments we get, she will take. She is also responsible for the food that is served and the person who takes requests and keeps in touch with the customer ahead of an assignment.

She does kayaking, climbing and all kinds of trips, summer and winter.

Malin, like the other two, is passionate about mountains and fresh air. Preferably extra high mountains. She is keen to show off all that our beautiful nature has to offer and is happy to encourage our guests to take a bath in the fresh North Sea. Malin is a kayak and climbing instructor.




The other who started Klyva in 2008 together with Cato. Øystein is a carpenter and thus appointed handyman and transport manager.


He is also an excellent guide and an efficient climber. As the owner of his own carpentry company, he knows the importance of good HSE and we suspect that he sometimes walks around with a helmet where it is not needed just because he likes it.


Øystein likes everything that goes fast. Skiing, winter summits, river paddling, jet skiing. He can start the fire (almost) regardless of the weather and is the one of us with rope OCD. He is a qualified kayak and climbing instructor.

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