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Intense experiences in Øygarden with the sea as its nearest neighbour

Experience the beautiful and rough side of the western country with local guides

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This is Klyva

Klyva is a guide company that offers outdoor experiences and activities in Øygarden in particular, but also elsewhere in western Norway. The company has existed since 2008 and has developed from part-time team building and competition activities to focusing on full-time guiding of private groups in nature.

Sightseeing, clifftop hikes, abseiling, kayaking and private guiding are our core products. We are trained kayak instructors and climbing instructors and have extensive experience in guiding large and small private groups.



Why choose Klyva?

Local guides

Both owners and employees are local, born and raised in Øygarden or in Western Norway. We have extensive experience in guiding and know how to show off the beautiful nature we surround ourselves with. The guides are drilled in safety, have courses in first aid, risk assessment and rescue. National certification within climbing and kayaking, and a lot of experience as campers and hikers.

Adapted experiences 

The best thing we know is tailoring experiences for our guests. No two days are the same, all journeys are unique. We encourage all guests to come forward with their wishes so that we can adapt the experience to their expectations.

Feel the nature of western Norway 

Western Norway is unique in many ways. From fjords to high mountains, with glaciers and expanses. The North Sea raw and unrestrained.

The weather is a decisive factor in everything we do and it changes quickly! Regardless of the weather, nature is beautiful and there is always something to experience. We inform about what to wear and then take our guests to our own favorite places off the beaten track.

We would love to hear from you

Brekka 10, 5337 RONG | +47 977 19 233

Thank you for your inquiry, you will hear from us soon!

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