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Outdoor experiences for the whole family

Experience western Norway as a local

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This is Klyva

Klyva is a guide company that offers outdoor experiences and activities. Our program is not demanding or difficult. You do not have to have experience or be in good shape to join the hike. We adapt the experiences to your wishes and level. We can of course take longer and more complicated trips if the customer so wishes, but this is not necessary to get the good feeling. Children hardly need to walk a kilometer before they are on an adventure and we must be prepared for that.

Our vision is to contribute to "unusually good nature experiences for ordinary people". We offer a good experience for people of all ages and at different levels. From adrenaline with high rappels and kayaking in rough seas to quiet walks and bonfires in accessible terrain. Our focus is good atmosphere and a feeling of happiness in nature. All trips have breaks with food and drinks. The goal is to create good memories - and "instagram-friendly situations".

We are located in Øygarden, west of Bergen. The coast and the sea are thus our nearest playground, but we are at least as fond of all the mountains and fjords that are available in our region. We can get here by boat, car, train or bus. If you really want an exlusive experience, a helicopter can be an unique opportunity to really see the landscape from a different angle!

Why choose U.S?

Local guides

Both owners and employees are local, born and raised in Øygarden or in Western Norway. We have extensive experience in guiding and know how to show off the beautiful nature we surround ourselves with. The guides are drilled in safety, have courses in first aid, risk assessment and rescue. National certification within climbing and kayaking, and a lot of experience as campers and hikers.

Tailor-made experiences 

We love to be able to tailor experiences for a family or group of friends. Maybe you have a specific goal or something you want to see and need assistance to get there? Or you are a family with children who want a nice experience in the Norwegian nature?  Not to brag, but we are pretty good at getting the little ones to enjoy themselves. By taking only small groups, we hope to be able to meet many of the expectations our guest have. 

Feel the nature of western Norway 

Western Norway is unique in many ways. From fjord to mountain, with glacier and plateau. The Northern Sea raw and unrestrained. Places where «no one should believe that anyone could live». We bring our guests to the places we would go in our freetime. Tourist "traps" can almost always be replaced with local pearls and hidden places away from the main road.

"Do not stay inside when all hope is outside"

Dag Evjenth 

Meet the team



One of those who started Klyva in 2008. He is a teacher by profession but a mountain climber by heart. Cato has been involved in various activities in nature since he was a little boy. Climbing, kayaking, rafting, hunting and fishing. He is well on his way to completing his dream of the 7summits (the highest mountain on every continent in the world) and actually only has Mt Everest left.


He is a member of Klyva as a guide and is a goldmine when it comes to telling local stories and tales. He is also very good at real local knowledge and history. Cato is a climbing instructor and paddle instructor. He offers courses in both. He has three children.



Joined in 2012. She is the one who chose to quit her job in February 2020 to guide tourists full time. She loves being out and about and likes long hikes, river kayaking, climbing and hunting. Malin is like the other two - vividly interested in mountains and fresh air. Extra high mountains preferably. She loves to show off all the beautiful nature we have to offer and is happy to encourage our guests to take a bath in the fresh North Sea.


Malin is the owner and general manager of Klyva. Most of the assignments we get will be arranged by her. She is also responsible for the food that is served and the one who mostly keeps in touch with the customers prior to an assignment. Married to Øystein, together they have two children and a dog.



One of the cofounders og Klyva. Øystein is a carpenter and therfore our handyman and transport manager. He is also an excellent guide and an efficient climber. As the owner of his own carpentry business, he knows the importance of good HSE and we suspect that he sometimes walks around with a helmet where it is not needed just because he likes it.


Øystein loves everything that moves fast. Skiing, winter mountaineering, river kayaking, jet skiing. He can make a bonfire (almost) no matter the weather and is the one of us with rope OCD. He is married to Malin and together they have two children. Øystein has the main responsibility for bridge jumping from Rongesundsbrua in Øygarden in the summer.

We would love to hear from you

Brekka 10, 5337 RONG | +47 977 19 233

Thank you for your inquiry, you will hear from us soon!

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